Handy offers many services to their customers, which include cleaning, plumbing, furniture assembly, and electrician. The real advantage of going onto the Handy platform to choose a professional is due to their three step vetting process. This ensures the person coming into your home is legitimate and does not have bad intentions.

There are a few things you can be doing actively to make sure your house is continuously clutter free to still relax in your home in between the times a Handy professional would come to your house. Decluttering your house is a great way to keep your physical and mental health in check. When you are in the process of doing this, it is a good idea not to tell your family what you are throwing away. The reasoning behind this is they might talk you out of throwing certain items away and it will defeat the purpose of the exercise. In addition, you have worked hard to figure out just which items are right for you to keep and which to get rid of. A classic example of why you should not let your family, especially your mom sees all of the contents inside the black plastic bags, she will get nostalgic about certain items or worried you might not have enough left of something and will try to convince you to keep more than you actually need.

This will lead you to second guess your decision and keep the items she does not want you to throw out. The only time another family member can get involved is if you are looking to toss something that belongs to them originally.

It is even important for older people who live in an empty nest to start to declutter their home. Since there may be items that have never been touched in years, it is a good idea to start freeing up that space. The more space that is cleared up, the better you will feel. Eventually, it would even come to the point where downsizing your home may be a good option since a bigger house is no longer needed. This gradual progression is an activity everyone should be doing. Decluttering your space is not going to necessarily take a week to do since it is a longer process. It could take up to a year to slowly get through all of the clutter and to let go of certain items that have some kind of nostalgia associated to it. On the long run, it is healthy for you and even your children to go through this step in your life. If you would ever need it, Handy has professionals available to get rid and carry some heavier furniture to donate or throw away.