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US Veterans who desire of acquiring their dream house now have the ability to do so by taking advantage of the Veterans Affairs loans put forward by the government. They can utilize a VA loan similar to other mortgages where they do not need to make an upfront payment of the total value of the home they want to purchase. Those who are still active in the military service, as well as surviving spouses of US Veterans, can also apply for a VA house loan.

Here are a few things you need to know about VA loans:

Appraisal and Eligibility

Although the Department of Veterans Affairs may not require an appraisal, it is important to note that lenders may demand both a credit report and an appraisal. Since an eligibility certificate is not necessary, the VA will follow email confirmation process for IRRRL refinance rates. You can visit the eBenefits online site know if are eligible.

Charges and Fees

A certain fee, one percent of the borrowed amount, divided by two, is the only required payment by the VA. You can make payments by cash or have it deducted in the loaned amount. One must be careful in trusting some lenders who might inform you of some closing costs that are unnecessary. Note that you must not get any cash disbursed by the lender.

Selecting A Lender

Keep in mind that it is not a lender’s obligation to process your IRRRL request but you can ask for their assistance when you want to apply for one. Make certain that the lender is someone that you can bank on and will assist you throughout the process. You do not want to make mistakes especially when it comes to money matters.

Reaching Out To Several Lender

This tip is important so veterans will not have limited options but rather a wide range of selection. One lender will provide you with benefits that you cannot get from other lenders so it is best to have a clear mind before making that big decision.

VA to VA Refinance

You can only proceed with an IRRRL After using your VA loan eligibility on the house and lot you want to refinance. The claim that was used initially will be reused. Once you have your Certificate of Eligibility printed out, submit it to the lender as proof your entitlement usage.

VA versus IRRRL Occupancy Requirement 

They might seem similar but there is a difference between these two. When you receive your VA loan, you have to officially state your desire to stay in and verify if you have settled on that property. For an IRRRL to be approved, you will need to present a certification to confirmation that you have lived on that property. Some lenders provide their clients with <a href=”http://www.benefits.va.gov/homeloans/irrrl.asp”>IRRRL refinance rates</a> which are beneficial when they want to lessen their loan period. For this, however, the interest rate should at least reach one percent or higher to avoid a sudden increase in your monthly dues.

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