The lack of funds is a universal justification for any inaction or failure. Now, every second entrepreneur believes that if he/she had the necessary funding and spare time, he/she would have improved the efficiency of the business. But there is no money and sponsors do not line up. If you have cool ideas and can easily assemble a team of cool specialists, read a list of key tips.


Nobody wants to invest money in empty words. Therefore, before you start looking for sponsors, you need to start working on your capital or on your bare enthusiasm. You have to assemble a team, determine the roles, and outline the prospects. But the main thing is to create the first sample of your project. Without it, the vast majority of potential sponsors will not even talk to you. So, the stronger the sample conveys your idea, the better it is.

Thoughtful Business Plan

In addition to a working copy, a detailed business plan is a prerequisite for cooperation at least for the next year. You must clearly present the cost of the work at each stage, the possibility of reducing costs or ways to increase productivity when raising additional capital. You must display all key dates from the moment of the launch of your project to the first profit in your plan. You need to study the market, carry out exploration, test your product, and provide for all scenarios for the development of events.  So, the sponsor can not only see in what he/she is investing in but also consider you as a reliable business partner.

Focus on the Sponsor

You cannot just study the list of business people in your city and walk with your arm stretched out. Do not hope that among them, you will meet people with an extra bag of money. First of all, it is necessary to consider for whom and under what circumstances your idea may be useful. For example, social projects can be sponsored by the state. It is a fairly simple and transparent way to find money for the first time. If your project is entertaining, then you can try to participate in one of the specialized events organized by major companies.

Experienced People Among Leaders

An important indicator of the attractiveness of your project for a potential sponsor is the experience of launching a successful startup. Therefore, if there is no a person with such an important characteristic in your team, you will either have to work hard on all the previous items or look for another member of the team. In fact, it is not so difficult to do this because it is quite possible to agree on the nominal participation of such person in the project, his/her advisory function. In the end, it is useful in terms of attracting finance and it will help to avoid pitfalls which a person without experience may not even expect.


Almost every investor is driven by ego – and if not, then you do not need such investor. If you do not crave a victory, then you will not fight like a tiger when circumstances are against you. When problems begin, it is better to have a madman on your side. Nothing inspires investors with such pride as the list of successful startups that they have invested in. This shows that they know how to distinguish winners and we will be honest: we all want to be on the side of them. And your job is to explain how big and powerful your startup will be. If you do it right, investors will go on your board.

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A Positive Attitude

Everything will go to pieces in your startup and attracting sponsors if you don’t think positively. This does not mean that it is not necessary to consider the crisis plan of development. It is not worth waiting for a failure every time. Only optimism can save the team, attract more sponsors, and most importantly – make you interested in your idea.

Think positive, create amazing things, and let any problems, including financial, bypass you.