The world of e-commerce is competitive and it’s no secret that trying to ensure your website floats to the top of key Google search results isn’t easy. However, although planning and implementing a successful SEO strategy for your business may be difficult, the results will be beneficial for securing those all-important sales and improving your margins.

If ranking highly and competing with big-budget businesses is on your to-do list, here are a few helpful SEO tips that you should keep closely in mind when researching, planning and implementing your strategy.

Capture attention for all the right reasons

It may be a cliché phrase, but we live in a fast-paced society and consumers have come to expect efficiency in every walk of life. Creating a website that provides an optimum user experience every time is vital for keeping your audience happy and keen to browse.

Work closely with your design and development team to create an easy to navigate, fast loading website, free of unnecessary clutter and unreadable blocks of text. Your message should always be clear and easy to comprehend. Don’t make your audience work for the information they’re looking for.

Pay attention to Google Guidelines

Algorithm updates have hit many e-commerce businesses hard in the past, particularly during the Penguin update because they weren’t focusing enough on creating meaningful and engaging, fully optimised content. Work with your Dublin SEO agency to ensure every page of your website contains unique, interesting and highly relevant content.

One of the best ways to keep your audience engaged and inspired to keep revisiting is by setting up a blog and integrating it with your website. Just ensure new keyword rich and fully optimised content is posted a few times each month and that it isn’t forgotten about after a few weeks.

It is also important to ensure your SEO team is using keywords and link building strategies in the correct way. Ensuring you choose an agency with a wide range of skills, such as the one that can be seen here, will help you to avoid those who still rely on shortcuts that could damage your SEO reputation in the long run and actually prevent you from ranking highly.

Embrace mobile

Lastly, with more people browsing and making purchases via a mobile device, ensuring your website is fully responsive is imperative.