Driving without two wheeler insurance is an offence in India and one that can get you into a lot of trouble. So, if you are panicking about not renewing your insurance, here’s an easy solution for you: online renewal! It’s just a click away, read on to find out.

Having a two wheeler is a common aspect in India. With every home opting to have at least a two wheeler in the house, having two wheeler insurance becomes more important. However, a motor insurance needs to be looked after and renewed before your policy ends.

Due to heavy workload and other problems, many people forget about renewing their policy until after it has expired. However, an expired two wheeler insurance is not a daunting task. You can follow these steps and renew your policy easily:

Call up your insurer

If you are worried about renewing your insurance, all it takes is a simple phone call. Inform them about your lapsed policy and check if you can get it renewed with them again. In most cases, people tend to either renew it with their old insurer or renew expired two wheeler insurance online with another insurer depending on the kind of policy they require. However, ensure you shop online for a good policy before you write that cheque.  

Policy Lapsed: No Inspection Required

Insurance companies such as Bajaj and HDFC allow you to renew your expired two-wheeler insurance without inspection. The risk coverage starts nearly after 48 hours of the purchase of policy in case of lapsed bike policy. Also, if you own a vehicle which is less than 10 years old or more, the renewal process is quite hassle-free.

These are two ways to renew your expired policy:

  • Online mode: This mode doesn’t require inspection. All you need to do is visit the website, fill in the vehicle details and get the policy renewed. You also get multiple quotes at the same time allowing you to choose one out of them depending on your requirement.
  • Offline mode: This approach  may include inspection process. You can write a cheque in the name of the insurance company. Also, as per the law, the insurance agent is allowed to sell only one policy at a time so might not be getting multiple options at one place

However, in the era of digitization when everything is available on a one-click basis, online mode is more convenient. You can visit RenewBuy website (link here) for getting an instant list of quotations from several insurance firms.


When you are renewing the policy, it does not have to be the same one as last time. Online you can check for the kind of covers you have signed up for, and you can get add-on coverage such as personal accident cover for co-riders and more. Most financial institutions give you this option when you opt for renewal, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on something important.

No Claim Bonus

No claim bonus (NCB) is a good discount option for renewing your two wheeler insurance. NCB is a discount you get on your premium if you have not made a claim in the previous year indicating that your cover remains the same, but your premium reduces. Nowadays, insurers make it easy for you to transfer this to new vehicles as well, so you have an advantage.  

Buy immediately

The policy is available for you for only 24 hours after the inspection so it is necessary to be ready with the money when the inspection occurs itself. Many financial companies do not give you a large window to think and mull over the policy, so you will need to buy it immediately.

Renew online

Most financial institutions are making it easier to avoid all the hassle and simply apply online. If you are calling your old insurer, the process will be easy since they already have your details in the system and you can get your two wheeler insurance renewed in a span of few hours!

Driving without two wheeler insurance is a liable offense in this country. You can avoid unnecessary trouble by keeping a tab on your policy and renewing it before it expires. However, if you have missed out, don’t worry, follow this guide and you’ll be good to go!